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2008-03-11 02:13:32
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Page 172.

It's late, and I want to go to sleep. :(

Preview of game-in-a-month game. Because, hey, I had the graphic uploaded already, why not?

And I know about the grammar error. Jasper is responsible. He needs his toes cutting off or something.


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Yay! Scantily-clad women! All is forgiven!

Whoever told you scantily-clad women are a poor way to make amends was lying. Or a woman. Or both.

Good luck finishing up the game, I'll be waiting to play (and continue reading the comic) when you finish.

2008-03-27 01:55:34
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Not 4chan, but this game-making project. I totally forgot I was supposed to be drawing comics. Sorry... :/

It'll be over with the month, and I'll get back on it then. In the meantime, I know scantily-clad women are a poor way to make amends, but have an imp. ;-)

Where are you Jake? Has 4chan swallowed you up like it has Dan?

2008-03-15 14:30:48
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I don't see any naked people in that preview. Where are they? Are all the naked people hiding behind the pillars? Yes! That must be it!

And that toe story... too gruesome to be believed, particularly without photos of the 90% severed toe.

And let's just hope that Li won't have to trust her parent killification system to get her to a doctor in time to reattach a severed head. Because that would probably fail in an epic manner.