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2008-04-08 00:02:34
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Page 173.

Sorry for the nearly-a-month-long gap; I got so engrossed in the game-in-a-month game-making that I totally forgot to update the comic, which is pretty terrible. Anyway, that's done now, and I'm back to comics.

(If you're interested in the game, you can find it here. It's a Visual Novel/Curtain-fire Shooter hybrid... it seemed to make sense at the time. [1] Be warned that because I was a bit careless with the loading code [2] the 1.0 version takes a while to start in the first place and uses quite a lot of RAM. I plan to fix this, and Jasper was talking about re-balancing some of the stage difficulties, in a future release.

Anyway, how are you guys finding the colour? It's four pages now, although admittedly they've been predominantly green...


[1] Last year we tried a VN with FF-style battles, and the battles were really hard to get right. We liked the split off to action instead of narrative for the combat, hence this attempt.


[2] Namely, the game just loaded everything into RAM when it first starts up...


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2008-04-13 07:03:16
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I too like the colours. Definitely more pleasing to the eye than black and white.

Welcome back, Jake. I like the color, keep it up!