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2008-04-23 01:28:20
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Page 175.

Sorry it's late; the colouring-in took longer than I'd expected, and I'd already delayed 'til Monday in order to get the 1.1 release of that game-in-a-month game out on Sunday. (Incidentally - you can fid it here if you're interested; it now loads a hell of a lot quicker and takes up far less RAM, since I went back and fixed the bits which were hasty shortcuts in the 1.0 release.)

Anyway, I need to go and sleep now. For, like, a week.


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2008-04-26 14:12:49
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It probably isn't that practical, but realistically you wouldn't need it to be that strong, 'cause pulling hair kind of hurts - much more than pulling against rope or whatever. And she has braids, which I figure would be much easier to grab and tie with.

But yeah. These are not particularly cheery nice people. ;-)

2008-04-26 02:24:39
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They used her hair to tie her head to those poles? That's practical. And vicious. I'm guessing it means that it'll have to be cut off to free her, because tangled hair is usually not very cooperative. Though now I'm beginning to wonder if it's even possible to tie reliable knots with hair. Still an interesting idea.