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2008-04-29 01:24:32
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So, stuff. It's late at night and I'm tired and I have work tomorrow (today) and I should be doing something else more important than this anyway but I'm not, I'm writing stuff to you people. Just be aware that I'm feeling guilty for it, OK? Think yourselves lucky!

Firstly, you should go and try the demo of Noitu Love 2 if you're a fan of fast-paced platform-brawlers [1]. Imagine if someone stuck Streets of Rage and Megaman and Gunstar Heroes and a mouse in a blender and made a videogame out of the crunchy, sticky mess that resulted. Now imagine it's an awesome videogame, and people you trust and respect on the Internet [2] are telling you that it's probably the best indie title they've played since Cave Story and certainly worth the $20 asking price? Well, it's like that.

Anyway, I liked it so much I decided to draw some of the characters in some kind of bizarre art-tribute thing. I don't know what came over me, I don't think I've heard of people doing that before, but hey - you only live once, right? Unfortunately, this image quite probably contains spoilers if you've not played through the game in question at least twice. So don't click this link unless you have, or you don't care.

I started that previous picture in a totally different style, but Tango didn't look right until I went back and emulated the style Mr. Sandberg used for his out-of-game-game-art, which you will be able to find on the aforementioned game website. I'm kind of irritated at having to imitate it, but I do kind of like the style, so I went off to do something totally unrelated (and thus totally not a spoiler for anything) in the same style to practice. Result: Combat Maid.


[1] Link near the top-right of that page to 'Noitu Love 2', the demo link is about half-way down the page.


[2] That's me. No, really!


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