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2008-05-13 21:47:40
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Page 178.

Sorry it's late.

It's probably really confusing, I'm beginning to really hate the dark-with-limited-palette thing. And I'm never sure whether action scenes come across the way I intend them to or not. :/

I sleep now.


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2008-05-17 00:21:21
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Yeah, I'll try and do something to this when I do the next page. But not right now, because I just spent 14 hours at work and got home at midnight and I need proper sleep.

Rough order of events, from top left to bottom right:

- Guy goes to hit Li for spitting on him
- Luk grabs guy's arm while it's up and back
- and twists it around behind his head
- Rena claps hand over his mouth so he can't call out and stuffs her gun in his ear
- Between them the guy is pushed face-down on the floor with one arm behind him
- One of the guys from the fire turns and notices
- Rena spins around, points her gun at him.

I'm thinking there will probably have to be shooting in the next page just to give me some more colours to work with. ;-)

Once Rena triggers her magical girl transformation sequence, presumably that will provide enough glowing lights to make out what's going on ;)

2008-05-16 06:06:07
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It's so dark that I copy and paste the page into IrfanView and look at it with a black background. And even then I can't really see what happens. Realistic for sure, but this is where I'd be in favour of unrealistic clarity or a pitch black scene with some slap *pow* biff and then some light that shows the results of the action. :)

It is a bit dark, so it's difficult to tell what is happening in the two smallest panels. Considering the guy is lying face down on the ground by the 5th(?) panel, I assume he has been knocked out/killed, but how I can only guess. Not that it is all that important to the story, but those two small panels could use just a bit more light (maybe some blue "moonlight" highlights to brighten things up just a bit so what you've drawn isn't completely lost in the inky blackness).

One other thing that had been bothering me about last week's page (p.177), but I just now put a finger on, is that the feet of the thug and the feet of Luk and Rena seem to be in the same horizontal (or very close to it), so that the perspective makes it look like they are kneeling beside the thug, rather than sneaking up behind him.

I'm still wondering how these three (Luk, Rena, and Li) will tie back into the rest of the story (ie, the plotline involving Baja and Bur and the monitors).