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2008-05-20 00:37:51
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Page 179.

I also lightened up last week's page a bit, and increased the contrast, so hopefully it should be more... visible. I turned the brightness up on the reflected fire this week, so it should be obvious what's going on there at least...


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2008-05-24 07:04:46
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Now there's some visibility! But I'm going to confess that I wouldn't have figured out the details of the previous page anyway. Too much jumping around between close up panels and shifting perspectives for me. I don't think I ever could've figured out that Rena was adding her hand to Luk's when the guy was subdued. And when they first appeared, in the spitting-page, I think I confused them with the other two guys. Mostly because I hadn't seen Rena and Luk in three weeks.

2008-05-21 02:15:53
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He must say, "I'm Luk. I'm here to rescue you." Mussst.