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2008-06-03 23:34:37
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Page 181.

So - things.

I entered the recent TIGSource Proceudral Generation competition, with (predictably) a scrolling shooter. You can find it here, if you're interested; the basic premise is that it generates a set of enemies and their attacks, and sprites, from a text file you feed it... and also picks out bits of dialogue from the file (it comes with Poe's The Raven and Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade as example texts) to use as exclamations by the enemies.

You may also be interested in 40-odd other entries, on the same forum. Personally I'd recommend Everyone Loves Active 2 and Rescue: The Beagles and Minus, but I've not played them all yet.

Also: You may have heard of Warren Ellis. He writes comics, of the professional print variety - including one of my all-time favourites, Transmetropolitan. Anyway, it seems that for a while he's been writing this webcomic that this crazy artist guy has been putting out five or six pages a week of, which is called FreakAngels and can be found at that link just back there. The art is very very nice, and personally the world setting is right up my street, so it's entirely possible that if you like Precession you'll like FreakAngels. Anyway, the guy exhorted anyone who'd listen to him to plug his comic a little while ago, so plug it I will. Or did. Just now, in fact.

Also he wrote this wonderfully cute piece on The Singularity.

Anyway. Hope people are still at least more-or-less following this protracted action scene. If I'd known I'd have made the jump to full colour at this point I probably wouldn't have scripted it to be in the dark. :/


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2008-06-07 08:00:27
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More or less. Hm. Knife-guy attacks, but is that panel white so we can see, or because he's using some sort of flash? I'm guessing the former, since the shooter doesn't appear to be blinded. Copying the page to a black background reveals some red stuff, so it looks like knifeguy was shot by Luk while trying to stab Rena.

As for FreakAngels, someone mentioned it when it started, so I didn't miss anything. Which I would have otherwise, since it doesn't seem to be advertised through Project Wonderful or the buzzComix vote page ads or the timeconsuming TWC vote character captcha. Or maybe it has been advertised, and I just didn't click on any ads because I already had it bookmarked? Hm... that mechanic-wings symbol may have popped up in a tower ad or two, I guess.