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2008-06-10 01:09:47
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Page 182

So, yeah. For the last few months, periodically my tablet's been freezing up. I mean, obviously not the tablet itself, 'cause it doesn't have any moving parts, but... well, it'll stop working. The cursor stops moving entirely, only my regular non-tablet mouse can be used to move it any more. Rebooting seems to be the only thing that fixes it - it seems the driver crashes out completely.

I'd kind of put it down to Wacom not writing a sufficient Vista driver, but a day or so ago I figured that it was worth uninstalling then reinstalling the tablet drivers, see if that helped at all. There's not been an updated driver since September last year...

Unfortunately, the process was problematic. I think at one point the tablet was working in all respects other than pressure-sensitivity, which is unfortunately kind of important. It seems to be fixed and all working now, and it hasn't crashed out yet, but - to get to the end of the story, all this fun left me with little time to draw this week's page. So until I edited this sometime on Tuesday, all there was up was this sketch-and-line-art version:

Page 182, lines

At least you can see what's happening, eh? ;-)


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