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2008-07-08 01:16:43
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Page 186.

Also this week, since I was sitting around with a couple of hours spare, a Hokuto no Ken pastiche, a special treat for pretend-Internet-friend Ren...

Tetsuo Hara is some kind of crazy god; there's an insane amount of tiny detail and texture and volume-shading packed into some of those images. I've only managed a pale shadow of his work and already it took me about an hour just to do the line art. Not to mention that Kenshiro has the most eighties hair ever.


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Hokuto no Ken was my introduction to manga. I still love watching the old episodes and the movie, when I find them while channel surfing.

Rei was one of my favorite characters, because of his slicing techniques.

2008-07-08 10:49:42
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After all Ken was inspired from Mad Max!
One day you'll explain to me what a pretend-friend is :P