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2008-07-29 01:22:56
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Page 189.

I should really get back to sticking little bits of art in little boxes next to these posts, but... well, not this week either. It's too late and I need to go and sleep. ;-)

Late as ever, I watched A Scanner Darkly this weekend. I think I can safely say it's the best screenplay of a Philip K Dick novel I've seen [1] - it was pretty well done. Not to mention that their crazy rotoscoped 'animation'-style graphic effect worked very well the whole way through. It's one of my favourite books, so I don't say that lightly; the trailer a couple of years back failed to convince me it would be that good, but... well, it is. And you should watch it, if you haven't already!


[1] Discounting Blade Runner, on the grounds that... well, it bore very little relation, story-wise, to the book it was sourced from.


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