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2008-08-05 01:36:13
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Page 190.

You know, a long while ago, I came across a band named 'Fuel'. Actually, that's a lie, since they were calling themselves 'Fuel 238' at the time, but let's ignore that. And let's also ignore the fact that their new singer sucks, because their old singer was pretty awesome.

Anyway, the short version of the story - because it's late - is that they uploaded a load of their music videos to filthyYoutube a while ago and I totally didn't notice. And these three tracks are pretty cool:

Also, Brett Scallions - the singer in those - has a huge mouth. I mean, huge enough to make Steve Tyler pack up and go home.

Other music which is pretty cool: The Black Mages. You should listen to some today! [1]


[1] Offer void where listener does not like electric guitars.


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2008-08-05 05:36:55
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I still think Steve Tyler has a bigger mouth :3
But yeah, their love child could be Gojira!It's a genetic experiment to try!