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2008-08-11 23:50:27
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Page 191.

A lot of talking, today. I could break it up over more panels, but then it would take longer! So you get some figurative imagery and maps and stuff and lots of word balloons. And many thanks to Ren for helping me with the perspective on the guy to the left there, he'd have turned out pretty horribly if it weren't for her help.

I've been meaning to get back to drawing this on Sunday evenings instead of actually Mondays for a while, but yet again this weekend my intentions were thwarted, this time by a visit to Amecon. At Amecon I learned that the smoking remnants of ADV UK would definitely not be finishing the release of Red Garden, which meant they'd definitely never sell a boxed-set. I was kind of waiting for a potential boxed-set, but I was really interested by the first few episodes, so now I'm considering importing the US discs. Only I can't find anyone who can tell me whether it keeps up the pace and quality of the first few episodes; have any Precession readers watched that series all the way through?

In totally unrelated news, if any of you own XBox 360s and have carelessly connected them to the Internet one way or another, I wholly recommend you take a look at Braid on XBox Live Arcade. The nearest comparison I can make is to Portal, which everybody loved the first time through; it's a tricky and intelligent puzzle title that's compelling and immensely satisfying. It's one of those rare titles where, during development, the developer kept making terribly pretentious statements about how great the game was going to be and most people - myself included - shrugged and thought "yeah, sure, get over yourself!"... and then the game gets released and it turns out the guy spouting the pretentious lines was actually more or less entirely accurate. It's totally worth the extortionate-sounding 1200 Microsoft Points they're demanding for it.


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2008-08-17 18:32:14
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With regard to Red Garden - I was mostly worried about the pace getting too much slower. I liked the way it ran in the first few episodes, and was quite intrigued by the story, but I could see it being one of those series which would have been better off being only 13 episodes long, if that makes sense. So thanks for the reassurance. ;-)

(And really, I think Precession would benefit from a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule, if I thought I could realistically keep that kind of pace up. Things happen too slowly in general - information release, action events - just 'cause of the page-a-week timetable. :/ )

2008-08-17 02:43:33
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I watched the whole fansubbed Red Garden, and I don't remember the pacing being much faster in the first few episodes. But perhaps it was? Overall I'd say the pacing through the whole series wasn't that fast, and I guess that the quality was pretty even. I don't know how much you've already seen, or rather, I don't remember how much was shown in the first four episodes, but the brunt of the series seemed to be spent on people dealing with their various predicaments and problems, with no conclusive results until the end. Yup, that seems like slow pacing to me. You'll get more details on all the main characters though.

As for all the talking in Precession, I don't see the harm in it. The comic could use a lot more talking if you ask me!