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2008-09-02 00:41:27
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Just in case there are any Precession readers who are a) inclined to donate money to charities in exchange for people doing crazy things and b) didn't notice the mention in last week's news post, next week is the 12-hour, 8-mile-circuit cycle relay for the benefit of ASBAH, and you should totally sponsor me and my fellow team-mates to ride around in circles in the pouring rain and high wind all day!

When I first started drawing Precession, I used to measure how far I'd got against well-known webcomic Alpha Shade, which I remembered from a while previously as being one of those comics which started off interesting but didn't have enough pages. So, I picked up my percentage fairly quickly, racing through the 10%, 20% range in a few weeks, but then I slipped into a page-a-week cycle and the Alpha Shade guys actually started updating regularly again, and I stopped paying attention. Well, on a whim I check again today, and I'm up to 84% of their page count. Well, it made me a little content, anyway. ;-)


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2008-09-05 04:28:50
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84%? Wow. And they even updated recently.