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2008-09-23 01:10:03
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Page 197.

Almost to the 200-page mark! More importantly, almost to the 204-page mark, which is four years' worth of Precession at a page a week. Which means I'm insane and I should have finished it by now and be working on something which I wrote properly right from the beginning...

Oh! And Dan sent me this picture of Baja and Burgundy for my birthday. Bur has been practicing his menacing loom. Thanks, Dan!

In other, unrelated, news: Max Barry is one of the main reasons Australia will be allowed to remain above sea level when the world is finally under my thumb.


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2008-09-27 23:54:41
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Just the other day I had a dream (or was it a daydream?) about the fact that once you've got a dead body on your hands, it's a little too late to study the science of getting rid of bodies. Not that a dead body was involved in the dream, just the reasoning. And I think that I'll just risk it, and stay ignorant on the issue. ;-)