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2008-09-30 01:30:13
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Page 198.

Warning: Flaky physics ahead. This is one of the places I've had to embellish the facts a little [1] and make up hazy hand-wavy crap to make the whole premise remotely plausible. Try and ignore it, eh?

The name 'dark reactor' is kind of suggestive, and I was seriously considering fleshing it out with more waffle, but then I figured that the LHC gets turned on again in a few months, and one of the first things it would do would be blow my waffle right out of the water, so I didn't bother. Historically speaking, it's a misnomer that held over from a previous found-to-be-incorrect theory... ;-)

Anyway. On a totally unrelated note, I've been reading a lot of Jasper Fforde lately. I was given one of his books for my birthday a year ago, but it took me until relatively recently to start it, for a couple of reasons. Firstly I was told it was similar to Robert Rankin[2], who I'm not such a big fan of. Secondly, because it turned out that it was the sixth book that the guy had written, and the preceeding five were set chronologically before it in [broadly] the same world.

Anyway; rather than Robert Rankin, I would describe Jasper Fforde as "Like Terry Pratchett, for people who read books."
I used to presume Terry Pratchett was like Terry Pratchett for people who read books, but recently I've come across a significant number of people who say things like "Oh, I don't read books. No, not at all. Well, except for Pratchett."

You know who you are. Yes, you.

Why do I mention this? Well, firstly in case any of the rest of you were labouring under the unfortunate impression that Fforde's books are like Rankin's, but secondly because that's the reason Precession was a little later than it used to be this week - because I stayed up late Friday and Saturday and Sunday night reading some of his books.
I wouldn't bother to apologise, since I tend to think that - compared to the rest of the webcomics world - getting a page up before I go to sleep on the day it's supposed to be up is near enough, but I heard that webcomic authors are supposed to apologise for being late all the time.


[1] Read: A lot.


[2] This is a lie. Robert Rankin can't write stories, only prose; Fforde is actually pretty good at writing stories as well as prose.


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