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2008-10-14 00:53:40
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So, yeah - no page this week. Because I've been rushed off my feet the last week, between getting some cover art ready for a friend who's doing a supplementary Heavy Gear Leaguebook, painting a picture for my mother's birthday and so on. The next page is page 200, and also the wrap-up of this chapter, and because I'm occasionally sentimental about this kind of thing, I didn't want to rush it.

But! Instead, have a 40-minute speedpaint of one of my all-time anime heroes, Captain Bruno J Global, from the original Macross series. Captain Global is, without doubt, the most awesome and most space-captainiest space captain ever to grace celluloid, with barely any competition. Also he has a kick-arse moustache and looks a bit like Frank Zappa.

Frank Zappa is also awesome.

(Years ago, I started sculpting a Global bust - I got this far before moving house interrupted and I never finished. I should totally go back and finish that...)


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2008-10-14 09:02:39
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Hey, I've seen some Harlock. But I still think Global is more awesome, sorry. :P

Was Harlock ever a submarine captain, hmm? Was he ever in charge of the UN's space command?

Does he look anything at all like Frank Zappa? I don't think so!

2008-10-14 07:36:11
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Pfui! I give you three competitors, THREE!
Captain Juzo Okita, Captain Harlock and my beloved Emeraldas TwT
You youngsters these days don't even know who Leiji Matsumoto is; what a pity, what a pity...