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2008-10-21 01:00:22
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Page 200!

Man, two hundred pages. And eight chapters. That's quite a few - nearly four years' worth. If I were going to celebrate the milestone, though, I'd celebrate the four-years-worth-of-pages mark at page 208. This will be sometime in December, at which point I'd be tempted to take the following three months off, since I'm sure I started drawing Precession in March and I'm ahead on pages. ;-)

Anyway. What else did I do this last week? I took part (eventually) in one of Shmup-Dev's development/design sessions, this one on the theme 'Land and Air'. You can see a part of a screenshot to the left there; my prototype is called 'Käfer', and is described in a Shmup-Dev forum post here and can be downloaded from here if you're interested in trying it out [1]. It's only one stage, it has a silly difficulty gradient, but it's quite playable in my opinion all the same. I'm seriously considering building it out into a proper full game.


[1] You'll need to make sure you have the .NET2 Runtime installed first.


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