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2008-10-27 22:07:17
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Hooray! I feel like crap. Like, dizzy and upset-stomach and wishing-I-hadn't-gone-to-work-after-all kind of crap. After I got back from work this evening I fell asleep on the sofa for a bit and had a weird dream in which I deduced that there must have been a 'Kythera Device', which was probably a horrible weapon of untold power that needed to be sealed away from fickle humankind.

So it turns out that when I'm feeling less well, I draw really badly. Like, even more badly than normal. So I'm not going to try and draw a page of Precession, particularly since it's a convenient chapter gap, instead I'm going to curl up with some grapes and a huge mug of hot chocolate and hope that I can put something together between now and next Monday and leave you with a reminder in case you'd forgotten that there's a ton of art in the art directory of this site that used to be hidden away from everyone and that I'd kind of forgotten to link from anywhere. Half of it's from so long ago that it really shows up how much I've improved over the last couple of years, some of it's pretty nice anyway. But I like these bits:

Li | Autumn | Sachiko | Marisa | [Autumn] War

I'm totally blaming this on the fact that it's horrible-deadline period at work and I'm getting increasingly sick/worried at the state of several things there. We're not so much "up against" the deadline as one might be a wall, as we are "being pushed inexorably through" the deadline by inertia.

Sorry, and all that. :/


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2008-10-31 23:29:15
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Yeah, that picture of Li is quite alluring.

Improve your health with rest and recuperation, I say.

I like that one of Li the best, I think that was the drawing you had posted on CA that brought me here in the first place.

Get better Jake!

Holy shit. I haven't been in here for way too long.

In any case, I have resorted to communicating with you through this cause you still stubbornly refuse to come back to the CA irc room.


I need a valid shipping address of yours. Youse gonna get some early Christmas presents this year!