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2008-11-04 02:09:48
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Page 201.

I kind of didn't finish in time, but it's been replaced with a nice colourful version now, so anyone who saw it yesterdy - it's better now!

I'm particularly fond of panel 2. I don't like painting hair still, but I think it's possibly my favourite panel so far! Li has terrible hair in the morning, don't you think?

Also: if any of you lot are Americans, remember to go vote, hmm? Whoever you want to, so long as it's not Ron Paul. He totally isn't going to win on write-in votes, really. Sorry, guys.


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Her terrible hair is compounded by the lack of it in the back. I imagine when she had long hair it would be a bit tangly and perhaps have some fly-aways but even so, she would look much better than she does with it cut.

She still manages to look cute, though, strangely enough, which is difficult when your hair has been butchered.

2008-11-04 08:20:38
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Panel two is very cute indeed :3