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2008-11-11 01:31:26
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Page 202.

I'm sure there was something meaningful I meant to put here, but I can't remember what it was. So I'll leave you with a page of more-or-less-on-time comic!


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2008-11-13 18:45:45
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Yeah, it was a bad case of how-many-times-have-I-redrawn-this-panel, that one. :/

But they camped out in the open because they've only ever lived in a city, and they're used to having a lot of friends around them. I originally wanted to break the "hey, maybe not-being-seen would be cool too" over more than one panel, but also didn't want to split across the page-break or lose any of the waking-up panels, so...

Li seems a little off from how you normally draw her. The lips seems a bit too big and maybe the nose isn't as petite and slim as usual.

I'm kind of surprised they camped out in the open like that, actually.