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2008-11-24 22:52:39
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So! I have a deadline on a project which is today, so I've not drawn a page yet. In fact, I realised the other day that I'd not added chapter 9 to the navigation bar on the left there yet, and also that I was updating on average a day after I used to, so I've also changed the update day to Tuesday! For honesty reasons, you understand, not because I wanted to be a day late.

However, it was noted that this means people might be coming here today looking for a page of comic and going home unsatisfied. Unsatisfied people simply will not do, so the talented (and quite awesome) Ren has stepped in with a substitute page just for you guys. Isn't she great [1]?

I'll get the next actual page done tomorrow. Really! I intend, going forward, to keep doing the page on the same day I've been doing it for the last few months, which will mean anyone who's worked out my lousy schedule and been following that won't have to change their habits, I'm just making the front page less full of lies.


[1] The answer is yes.


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