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2008-12-23 02:16:01
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At last. I feel like I've been ill forever. It started out as a cough, then turned into one of those frustrating fevers where you have bizarre dreams about stupid things that go on forever and resume every time you slip back into sleep, then I had a violent cough again for days... for the past couple of days I've been feeling pretty much fine, a bit of a sniffle but nothing more, but I can barely speak. I'm so hoarse from something that I can only really manage a whisper or some kind of atonal grunting...

ANYWAY. There's a page of comic done now, so it's all fine, right? Thanks again to Ren for pointing out the hideous flaws in my sketch and thus drastically improving the quality of the finished product.


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Lack of speech surely enhances your working ability. You no longer have to speak to managers or Americans or American managers!