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2009-01-14 01:29:55
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Page 209.

Many thanks to Ren for sitting up and advising me on colours and lighting and so on. Even if it did mean that it took me two whole evenings to do this page, which is about six times as long as I'd wanted to spend every week when I started doing this... there's some bits on this page which I'm really happy with the way they turned out.

Pretend there's some continuity of colour between the last page and this one, OK?


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2009-01-16 17:28:00
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Well, at least Luk is keeping his eyes intently on the rocks. And he'd better, because Rena has her knife out!

2009-01-14 22:59:32
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Actually, that was Ren's influence as well... ;-)

"The way you've drawn her skirt, it's totally impossible for it to hang like that, if she was kneeling like that you'd see her panties."

Wah! nosebleed

I never thought you'd have fan service (or at least only as bonus extra drawings, but not within the story itself)!

Been hanging around Dan too much?