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2009-02-03 23:07:08
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Page 212.

I got a new mouse! I mean, another new mouse. This one has no lasers, and it has a cable, and it works perfectly. I'm not sure which of the two was giving me trouble, but I'm glad I'm shot of them.

Someone suggested I might add a recipe every week, but I'm feeling too lazy, right now. Maybe later. ;-)


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2009-02-06 09:39:58
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Yep - the MX500 looks (and sounds!) like the one I had before. The new one is exactly the same shape, but it's an MX518. The main differences between this and the MX500 I had before are that this one allows me to change the sensitivity on the fly, and instead of a nice smooth metallic blue colour it looks like sheet steel that someone's whacked with a hammer repeatedly. But it works just the way I like, so I don't care what it looks like! ;-)

(I did take the label off of the old one, but it left an uncomfortable gap where it used to be sunken into the surface; I had no idea you could buy replacement labels!)

2009-02-06 06:13:24
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Funny that you would mention that, I used to host LAN parties and having many sets of good mice and monitors was a definite need.

That was a picture of a logitech G5, twitchy bastard. But I think that you meant the MX500; of which I have a dozen (one OEM box) that I've kept in working order. When Logtech mice stop 'clicking' it is becasue the internal swith has worn a notch into the button. Fill that notch with glue or slip paper over it (not foil!) and they will start working again.

You can take that metal label off, and if it really bothers you that much Logitech does sell replacement 'teflon sliders' and 'metal badges' if you want to replace them. Really.
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