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2009-02-25 01:29:19
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Page 215.

Black and white again, because I didn't have time to finish it. I place the blame wholly at the doorstep of Capcom. On a totally unrelated note, Street Fighter IV is a pretty good game.

I got nearly all of the colouring done, as can be seen here, but not enough to put the final page up. Tomorrow! Observant readers will note that I put the previous week's coloured page up earlier than today!


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2009-02-25 19:18:09
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A bit of both - he's respected, and they can see he's still got his gun, which is a good sign; but equally, you'll notice they're still keeping their weapons on the guys in red. ;-)

(And I'd prefer to keep up to schedule when I can, I've just been pretty busy of late. I'm about to start another game-in-a-month challenge come March, so the schedule might get disrupted a bit then, I don't want to start the disruption too early!)

Don't push yourself too hard, Jake, or you run the risk of burning out. You don't want updating to become a chore. :)

Hmm, they wouldn't suspect he was being held against his will or anything? If they are already suspicious of him being in there in the first place, being surrounded by armored & armed troops would likely only make them more cautious.

Or does Ivan just hold that much sway that they would stand down immediately no questions asked?