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2009-03-11 00:46:21
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Page 217.

There's not much to say, I'm busying myself with another game-in-a-month challenge, so there's still a chance for disruptions to the schedule throughout March.

Although I did make some arancini di riso, which turned out pretty well! For anyone adventurous in the audience, it goes a bit like this: make about 450ml of short-grain rice (makes eight) as if you were making a risotto; allow this to cool. Make some ragu, or cook some ham and get some cheese or something like that for the inside; allow this to cool as well. Mix two beaten eggs into the rice, beat two more eggs and pour them into a plate; scoop up some of the rice/egg mix and make a hollow in it, put the ragu/ham-and-cheese/whatever in there, put some more rice over the top to make a ball; coat the ball in flour, roll the floured ball in the beaten egg 'til coated, then roll that in breadcrumbs until coated again, then fry it 'til it's golden brown.

It turns out they're pretty great microwaved for two and a half minutes for lunch at work, and very filling!


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2009-03-11 09:13:53
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In between pages 216 and 219 I totally forgot how to count and wrote the page number wrong. Twice. ;-)


What happened between 216 and 219 ?