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2009-04-07 21:14:42
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Page 219.

My annual March hiatus is over - and I finished a game, this year all on my own and of a more serious tone than previous years. However! I'd show it to you, but there were a couple of bugs in the final release and I'd like to fix those up before giving it out to too many people. Next week, I hope!

The side picture there is from a recent OC session - fuller version here.

Next week's may be a day or so late, since my girlfriend's coming to visit for Easter, but after that the schedule should be back to normal.


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2009-04-17 08:04:44
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Aww, thanks. It was pretty good!

(Sorry this week's page is later than expected - I had to get up at three in the morning earlier in the week and I've not been properly awake since. :/)

Meow; in agreement with that sentiment.

Happy Easter, Jake. That is all.