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I played through this last night. Very nice job! It took me a few tries to figure out how to get all the various endings. I'm glad you implemented the skip feature! :)

You could very easily make this "work safe" by removing the sex scenes. It wouldn't take away anything from the story or how things play out (some would obviously still need to take place, but they could happen "off screen" or be implied rather than explicitly shown).

I was kind of sad that I had no way of saving Susan in any of the scenarios, though (there was no "good end"). :{

I also immediately didn't like the main character, which I'm assuming was the intention. I think he got his "just desserts" in all the endings. Maybe, by this way of thinking, Susan did too.

One question I had, on the main menu is a "Bonus on/off" toggle that I didn't notice until I had completed all the endings (could have been there before, i just didn't notice it before), but the ReadME doesn't state what this is for? I played through it again looking for bonus stuff but didn't find anything new?