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2009-04-28 23:47:35
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Page 221.

Did anyone else notice how the Swine 'Flu cunningly waited 'til Madagascar was distracted by internal problems before breaking out?


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Yes, that "Friday at the office" is almost as surpristing - as is the four seasons: {spring,fall,winter,tax}

:P There are so many annual cycles that align with cocieital constructs; jobs:(education, health), School(university), saving, etc.
When you find that they have a counter part (inverse relation) it's kinda cool: {play, work} for example.

2009-05-03 02:25:43
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I love the way the third item gets a repeating spike in the numbers every weekend. ;-)

^ - -^ Interesting, it would appear that the UK's popularity is inverely proportional to the leader's.

on the internent :(Madagascar <<<<< Mexico)
Not even close.
But this asks the question which country is the 'most' on the internet.

To answer this I decided to use two resources: Wikipedia, and Google Trends; The method was to break the official International Organization for Standardization (ISO) list down into groups of five that then would be run through Google Trends on a 30-day check. Where there are many possible combinations represent a country, the best result will be taken for comparision (ie: United States of America would be (United States, America, USA, US).
These best results, then are regrouped into sets of five, etc, until we have a clear winner for presence on the internet.

List of countries reconized by the ISO

Google Trends

Results are as follow.

Round 1 - 246 coutries (similar names contatonated below):
China , Colombia , Cuba ,
*cuba beats Denmark!
Ecuador , Ethiopia ,
*Falkland Islands (Malvinas) was far stronger a month ago
France , Georgia ,
*unable to seperate the country from the state
Germany , Guatemala , Guinea , Hong Kong , India , Japan ,
*Italy had a nice spike a while back
Jersey ,
*again unable to distingush the state from the country
*did not dinstingush "Democratic People's Republic of " "Republic of "
Lebanon , Luxembourg , Malaysia , Malta , Mexico , Morocco , Nepal ,
New Zealand , Nigeria , Pakistan , Peru , Portugal , Romania ,
*romania > russia !?!?
Saint Pierre and Miquelon ,
*st > saint, unable to disnguinisht the man from this country
Sao Tome and Principe ,
Singapore , South Africa ,
*South > S.
Spain , Swaziland , Sweden , Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey ,
*unable to dintinguish Turkey from turkey
United Kingdom
United States ,
*US, doesn't reconise the difference between the US and us.
Venezuela, Zimbabwe

Round 2 - Will the ambugity of US dominate?:
Australia , Canada , France , India, Japan , Mexico , Peru , Singapore , Spain ,
*recent surge in spain due to swine flu!
*UK>US boo`yah!

Round 3 - Well this was unexpected...:

The final result,
Click my name.

or copy-paste this url

^ - - ^ Meow; that's what is on the internet!

I've got no figures to back this up, but I suspect Madagascar is right behind Mexico on Most Named Country On The Web right now.