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2005-08-29 19:16:17
Talking Heads
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Finally, some exposition. This week's update starts here and goes on for a whole five pages, in which some things are explained and some other things are referenced obliquely.

I was digging through my desk drawer at work the other day and came across a load of random sketches that I did after starting this thing. I'd been thinking it was probably a couple of months ago, but no - it turns out it's more like five and a half. And when it gets to half a year, at this rate, I'll have reached my stupid goal of having half as many pages as the hated Alpha Shade. Hell, I already have more done than Alpha Shade did when I started reading it. And more of an idea what's going on... ;-)

Also: comment on the art, damnit - more than half of the point of this is to get me drawing practice, after all. Although I already know page 43 isn't any good, if I wasn't so lazy I'd sit down and re-do it right now... but I am.


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