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2005-09-12 00:31:47
P44, 45, 46
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OK... So I started drawing pages monday, right... I have a plan, and my plan calls for me getting to page 56 by next weekend. So obviously the way forward is for me to not actually add any pages at all this week, right?

Anyway, I spent the middle part of the week fiddling with the script, 'cause I didn't like the way the conversation flowed, and then started re-jigging the order of the panels of the last few pages. Pages 44 and 45 of this update are edits of existing pages, page 46 is a replacement page 'cause some stuff now happens in a different order.

On the other hand, I have up to 51 drawn, including the 'missing' frames that used to be in 44-46 but aren't now, just not shaded or lettered yet, so I'll get that done tomorrow evening... I just need to upload at least one new page to satisfy my self-imposed page-a-week schedule.


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