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2005-09-18 03:16:21
You Can Tell By The Eyes.
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Happy birthday to me! The last six pages of Chapter 2 start here. Why not read right the way from the beginning? Go on.
Also, my milestone of having half as many pages as my unwitting nemesis, Alpha Shade has been achieved. Admittedly, they had the audacity to add an extra page just today, meaning that I only have half their page count if you apply the floor method of rounding, but hey - it's my favourite kind of rounding! The end of the chapter is too convinient a point not to call the milestone 'passed'.

It disappoints me in myself that the proportions, expressions and so on portrayed within are not perfect, but hey...

Anyway, to commemorate this occasion, I did some nice banner images so that all three of you can put links to this very site on your very own web-homepages in order to drive ever more unwitting individuals in this direction. Please don't hotlink to them, it's not nice.


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