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About Precession
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preˇcesˇsion n

1. The motion of the axis of a spinning body, such as the wobble of a spinning top, when there is an external force acting on the axis.

2. A webcomic by Jake Staines. Pulp Sci-fi. Updates mondays.

Baja Wardenclyffe is a Privateer for the Earth government; she travels the outer reaches of space searching for anything noteworthy. A government privateer is provided with a ship, equipment and an android assistant, but is expected to provide their own wits, ingenuity and sense of adventure. Acting as an Explorer crossed with an Early Warning System, a Privateer will investigate anything that looks remotely interesting or remotely dangerous.




Precession is a project with a purpose; to force me to draw something once a week at an absolute minimum - it's all good practice. The story is plotted out only in vague terms, the format open enough to continue as long as it serves its purpose.

The story is set in a relatively distant future, but one of relatively grounded physics; it is not hard science fiction in that I can explain everything that happens with mechanics formulae, but I will not include any element that my understanding of physics rules out, and if I throw numbers around they are going to be numbers that are believeable, at least to me.

Past that, it's straight-up pulp sci-fi. No pretension at anything more than that. ;-)